Saturday, November 17, 2012

My bedroom bench redo

Hey guys haven't posted in a while but I'm back with a quick cool easy project anyone could do and there is no sewing involved. I have a bench at the foot of my bed that I picked up at my local resale shop about a year ago and it had horrible fabric on it but I bought it for the base that I loved. It has really cool curved legs and it was almost spot on the same wood finish as my dresser. I knew I could find some nice fabric and make it my own. This is my third fabric change on the bench which is a cool advantage to a simple project like this because you can change the look of it whenever you want for such a small amount. You only need a few materials a staple gun mines is light weight, staples, scissors, a measuring tool, and fabric and whatever piece your reupolstering .  I got a really cool fabric remnant from Fishman fabrics its a beautiful colorful linen that looks very high end but since it was a remnant I got it super cheap you want to measure whatever you are going to reupolster before you get your fabric to make sure you get enough. Once you've got your fabric you simply lay your fabric on a flat surface with the wrong side facing up lay your piece your covering on top now just cut around the shape leaving just about an inch all around, you will unattach your piece before hand the only thing left to do now is staple all around pulling the fabric tight you can clean up the back by cutting but nobody is looking underneath but I'm picky like that myself. Reattach your piece and your done. It's that simple now you have a custom piece.
* I've attached pictures of the process hope they are helpful
Til next time ~Shutoka