Monday, September 1, 2014

September sewing challenge

Hi there we've made it to the month of September this year has flown by thus far. September is national sewing month and this year I am challenging myself to make a new item everyday.  I really enjoy sewing especially (selfish sewing) lol so each item I will make its going to be for myself well the majority of it will be I may spread some love we'll see. I work full time and I'm a mommy to a super cool 13 year old young man as well as run my small business on etsy so this will be a challenge but with planning and time management I believe I can pull it off. Some days will be tight but I've made multiple items in a day so anything is possible. I'll be sure to post pictures on my creations as well so wish me luck I'll need it. Stay tuned looking forward to the challenge

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hey there

It's been a really long time since I've added anything to this blog I admit I am a person that loses interest with things sometimes and of course we all have full lives we live but recently I'd been feeling like I was missing it. I have always loved to share I don't believe in hoarding information I know all for myself I'm not selfish in that way.  I'm blessed I know with a knack for creativity and for years I ignored it but I really want to share more freely the blog will allow me to do this. I won't be posting daily as of yet but for sure a few times a week. I know it can be another great way to connect with my fellow creative minds. I'm also still running my etsy shop I'll be adding new items soon and also can be found on facebook, instagram, and twitter @tokiessewunique I'm looking forward to sharing my love of fabric,  creating,  and home decor again feel free to ask anything if I know I'll share until next time God bless and have a great day

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My bedroom bench redo

Hey guys haven't posted in a while but I'm back with a quick cool easy project anyone could do and there is no sewing involved. I have a bench at the foot of my bed that I picked up at my local resale shop about a year ago and it had horrible fabric on it but I bought it for the base that I loved. It has really cool curved legs and it was almost spot on the same wood finish as my dresser. I knew I could find some nice fabric and make it my own. This is my third fabric change on the bench which is a cool advantage to a simple project like this because you can change the look of it whenever you want for such a small amount. You only need a few materials a staple gun mines is light weight, staples, scissors, a measuring tool, and fabric and whatever piece your reupolstering .  I got a really cool fabric remnant from Fishman fabrics its a beautiful colorful linen that looks very high end but since it was a remnant I got it super cheap you want to measure whatever you are going to reupolster before you get your fabric to make sure you get enough. Once you've got your fabric you simply lay your fabric on a flat surface with the wrong side facing up lay your piece your covering on top now just cut around the shape leaving just about an inch all around, you will unattach your piece before hand the only thing left to do now is staple all around pulling the fabric tight you can clean up the back by cutting but nobody is looking underneath but I'm picky like that myself. Reattach your piece and your done. It's that simple now you have a custom piece.
* I've attached pictures of the process hope they are helpful
Til next time ~Shutoka

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My new favorite kind of top "The Peplum Top"

Hey friends I wanted to make a quick post about my new favorite top to wear. I've been really liking the Peplum trend in shirts and in skirts so I wanted to make one. This one I wore today I made out of a stretch knit fabric so it didn't require a zipper or buttons. I just cut it to my size and it stretches easy to fit. This was the second peplum top I've made the first one I made is out of a woven non stretch fabric so I had to put an invisible zipper in it. I will be posting about that one once I wear it.The thing I love about the peplum trend is that it is very feminine and figure flattering it really gives that hour glass figure look and accentuates the smallest part of you. I know for sure I will be making many more of these tops in various colors, prints, sleeves, no sleeves, turtlenecks you name it. There are cool peplum top tutorials on YouTube if you want to attempt to make one yourself just search DIY peplum top and many will pop up.Get creative and create something uniquely you. 
~I've included pictures of me in my top I finished today til next time Shutoka   


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Using every inch

Hey friends wanted to make a quick post about using every inch of your fabric. Sometimes after you are done with a project or garment you may have some left and you can definately create from that. I went through some of my leftover fabric the other day and came across a pretty black and white print fabric I used to make a maxi dress this summer. It's a stretch fabric so I knew that even though it didnt look like much I knew I had enough to make a short sleeve fitted shirt. I simply used a shirt I already had traced around it using it as my template or pattern cut it out, pinned, and off to the sewing machine it went. It was super quick to do. I knocked it out last night while watching t.v. on commercial breaks. Dont let your scrap fabric go to waste theres so much you can do with it. Heres a few pics of the shirt. Til next time ~Shutoka

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The fabric store

Oh where do I begin I'm sort of a fabric hoarder myself but I'm getting better. To me the fabric store is so exciting I'm a total fabric nerd and that gets me in trouble at the check out line sometimes lol. It can be very overwhelming at times because of all of the choices available in fashion and home decor fabrics. When I first started sewing I would just go in the fabric store with no plan which can leave you open for buying the whole store. I mainly browse through the aisles looking for something to catch my eye. For a beginner sewer I would suggest that you go in with a plan maybe your working with a sewing pattern shop by project. Its better to focus on one thing at a time. Maybe theres a particular color your looking for or a print I can't get enough of print fabric. Look in some magazines or your favorite clothing stores see whats trending hunter green and blue are really hott right now. There is so much to choose from stretch knits, jersey, wools, leather, chiffon, fleece, faux fur tons of cotton you name it. Look inside your most comfortable clothes you have see what fabric its made of your fabric store has it. Also check the remnant section for deep discounts  this section is where they keep fabric thats low on stock or its the end of the bulk. I frequent 5 stores locally here in Chicago they are  Joann fabrics, Hancock fabrics, Vouge fabrics, Fishmans fabrics and LZ Fabric discount warehouse. If anyone wants a detailed breakdown on either of these please don't hesitate to ask. Joann usually always have sales and you can get on their coupon list theyll mail them and send you to your email. Hancock fabrics honors joanns coupons as well. Fishman fabrics is more high end and designer fabrics. Most projects dont take a lot of fabric I can usually make two garments with just a couple yards. I most recently bought a pretty green jersey knit not even 2 yards and was able to make a skirt and a dress. 2 yards of fabric can also get you 3 throw pillows. Go to the fabric store already theres so much more to see and something for everybody.
* Below are pics from my favorite fabric stores