Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My new favorite kind of top "The Peplum Top"

Hey friends I wanted to make a quick post about my new favorite top to wear. I've been really liking the Peplum trend in shirts and in skirts so I wanted to make one. This one I wore today I made out of a stretch knit fabric so it didn't require a zipper or buttons. I just cut it to my size and it stretches easy to fit. This was the second peplum top I've made the first one I made is out of a woven non stretch fabric so I had to put an invisible zipper in it. I will be posting about that one once I wear it.The thing I love about the peplum trend is that it is very feminine and figure flattering it really gives that hour glass figure look and accentuates the smallest part of you. I know for sure I will be making many more of these tops in various colors, prints, sleeves, no sleeves, turtlenecks you name it. There are cool peplum top tutorials on YouTube if you want to attempt to make one yourself just search DIY peplum top and many will pop up.Get creative and create something uniquely you. 
~I've included pictures of me in my top I finished today til next time Shutoka   


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Using every inch

Hey friends wanted to make a quick post about using every inch of your fabric. Sometimes after you are done with a project or garment you may have some left and you can definately create from that. I went through some of my leftover fabric the other day and came across a pretty black and white print fabric I used to make a maxi dress this summer. It's a stretch fabric so I knew that even though it didnt look like much I knew I had enough to make a short sleeve fitted shirt. I simply used a shirt I already had traced around it using it as my template or pattern cut it out, pinned, and off to the sewing machine it went. It was super quick to do. I knocked it out last night while watching t.v. on commercial breaks. Dont let your scrap fabric go to waste theres so much you can do with it. Heres a few pics of the shirt. Til next time ~Shutoka