Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Using every inch

Hey friends wanted to make a quick post about using every inch of your fabric. Sometimes after you are done with a project or garment you may have some left and you can definately create from that. I went through some of my leftover fabric the other day and came across a pretty black and white print fabric I used to make a maxi dress this summer. It's a stretch fabric so I knew that even though it didnt look like much I knew I had enough to make a short sleeve fitted shirt. I simply used a shirt I already had traced around it using it as my template or pattern cut it out, pinned, and off to the sewing machine it went. It was super quick to do. I knocked it out last night while watching t.v. on commercial breaks. Dont let your scrap fabric go to waste theres so much you can do with it. Heres a few pics of the shirt. Til next time ~Shutoka

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