Sunday, September 23, 2012

The fabric store

Oh where do I begin I'm sort of a fabric hoarder myself but I'm getting better. To me the fabric store is so exciting I'm a total fabric nerd and that gets me in trouble at the check out line sometimes lol. It can be very overwhelming at times because of all of the choices available in fashion and home decor fabrics. When I first started sewing I would just go in the fabric store with no plan which can leave you open for buying the whole store. I mainly browse through the aisles looking for something to catch my eye. For a beginner sewer I would suggest that you go in with a plan maybe your working with a sewing pattern shop by project. Its better to focus on one thing at a time. Maybe theres a particular color your looking for or a print I can't get enough of print fabric. Look in some magazines or your favorite clothing stores see whats trending hunter green and blue are really hott right now. There is so much to choose from stretch knits, jersey, wools, leather, chiffon, fleece, faux fur tons of cotton you name it. Look inside your most comfortable clothes you have see what fabric its made of your fabric store has it. Also check the remnant section for deep discounts  this section is where they keep fabric thats low on stock or its the end of the bulk. I frequent 5 stores locally here in Chicago they are  Joann fabrics, Hancock fabrics, Vouge fabrics, Fishmans fabrics and LZ Fabric discount warehouse. If anyone wants a detailed breakdown on either of these please don't hesitate to ask. Joann usually always have sales and you can get on their coupon list theyll mail them and send you to your email. Hancock fabrics honors joanns coupons as well. Fishman fabrics is more high end and designer fabrics. Most projects dont take a lot of fabric I can usually make two garments with just a couple yards. I most recently bought a pretty green jersey knit not even 2 yards and was able to make a skirt and a dress. 2 yards of fabric can also get you 3 throw pillows. Go to the fabric store already theres so much more to see and something for everybody.
* Below are pics from my favorite fabric stores

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