Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quick and Easy Top!

Hey friends hope all is well I'm great I wanted to share with you this cute and very easy top I made and wore today. It can also be worn as high waist skirt its a two for one project.  I made it and threw it right on and headed for the door. Anyone can make this one you can't mess it up. I got the fabric ages ago at Joann fabrics it's 100% cotton. It can be made in an hour or less if your fast and not distracted. The shirt is literally your fabric cut into a square using 2  measurements I used my hip measurement plus a few inches because I wanted the shirt to hang at my hips. For the length I measured from right above my bust strait down to my hips. To make the shirt fitted used elastic thread and sewed a straight line across the width of the shirt you repeat many rows of this I did about 15 this is called shirring its found in lots of clothing it gives that gathered scrunched up look. Lastly I just hemmed the top and bottom of the shirt ironed it and put it on it's that simple. This summer I made a lot of dresses this same way you would just extend the length to however long you want it. This is a very simple beginner project that can be done by anyone really. If you want to tackle this project feel free to leave me a message if you want further instruction it would be my pleasure.
 * Below I've attached pictures from today in the shirt that you can make too ;) til next time ~Shutoka  

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