Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't sleep on your local thrift store

Hey guys hope your week is off to a good start. Today I wanted to talk about a thing I do from time to time and thats thrifting. I love buying shiny new things but I can also appreciate old things and enjoy giving something new life afterall it's in to be "green". I love finding furniture items and cool unique things to accessorize with. My apartment is filled with things from the resale shop brown elephant which is around the corner from my house. I try to visit them atleast once a week in hopes of finding my next great steal. Shop outside your neighborhood as well I'm lucky to have a few good shops around my way but if you dont do a little research and find some to visit.  Thrift stores in nicer neighborhoods have nicer things and prices can follow but your goodwill and salvation army stores always remain cheap even in those neighborhoods.This past mothers day I found my mom a very nice condition antique sofa and chair she absolutely loves it. Just today I found a few nice fall pieces from j crew for 6 bucks each. You can also find cool vintage unique jewlry I always find nice belts too. When I'm shoping I'm looking at the potential of an item some things need a lil tlc or alterations but even after all that you still come out ahead. Reduce reuse recycle I do my part at my local resale shop. Try it sometimes dont knock it til you try it til next time ~Shutoka ;)
*below I've included just a few of my finds 

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