Monday, September 3, 2012


Happy Labor Day friends I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. I wanted talk about inspiration today. I'm constantly inspired by many things it's all around us. When I'm inspired it gets my creative juices flowing, but for someone else they might be inspired to go shopping or redecorate or get a cool new do. Whatever your vice it's always cool and nice to transition and evolve. I often get excited and inspired by things like colors, fabrics and even shoes. I mean who doesn't love a good shoe. I often troll the internet and flip through numerous magazines during my creative process looking for ideas. I really love looking at beautiful clothes and then putting my own unique stamp on it. I like to see whats trending but I dont always follow its always wise to keep those classic pieces in your closet. Celeb fashion is always fun I like seeing how they are styled but you can see fashionable people everyday walking down the street. Summer is my favorite season but I'm excited about fall this year I want to explore working with materials I've never worked with like tweed,wool, houndstooth, leather and suede all things I use to be afraid to sew with but I've been inspired so I'm crossing my fingers for some really nice pieces. Either way I will be learning in the process
*I've included pics below of things inspiring me as of late. I'm gonna attempt to recreate so wish me luck, till next time ;) ~Shutoka

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