Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Messing Up

Happy Wednesday friends todays topic comes out of wanting to share the not so fun part of sewing that happens from time to time but this is also a part of the process. Even a seasoned designer or seamstress will have these days. Creating pieces can sometimes be very time consuming and at times you can spend hours on something only to have it end up in the trash. This can be very frustrating especially for a beginner sewer. There are many reasons sewing projects can fail sometimes you may measure wrong so then your garment can be too small other times your fabric can be ruined by your machine or a cutting accident. Another thing that I personally don't like is even though I take pride in creating things to wear myself I want it to appear as if I could have bought them from a store. Yes I want to stand out but I want it to be because a piece is unique not because it looks like a craft project gone wrong. Just like anything else you get what you put into something this applies to sewing as well. Even with all the possible things that can go wrong it is still a rewarding activity for me. If it's something your passionate about you'll work through the kinks and you always learn from each failed project. I've grown so much in my ability but I still mess up from time to time. I'm still learning and getting better after each project and thats exciting and far outweighs the failed attempts. You learn by doing so practice often watch videos there are many sewing tutorials on different sewing sites also on youtube. It's also great to have reference books on hand many have step by step instructions on different sewing techniques many of which you can find at your public library. Only thing left to do is let your creativity run wild then you can make your possibilities realities. I hope this information has been helpful it's important to know that everything doesnt go as planned, but when it does it's sweet and that will keep you pushing through to your next great piece.
Have fun creating til next time

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