Sunday, August 26, 2012

Animal Prints

The trend of animal prints has been around for a minute but popularity seems to be at an all time high lately. Which is music to my ears because I've always been a fan. The cool thing about animal prints is that you can wear them any season. Wearing the prints all over in a dress or just in a belt or scarf either way they always make an impact. Now days you can find animal prints in all colors my eyes light up at the fabric store at all the options. You can make yourself some cool unique scarfs easily and very inexpensively. Take one of your old scarfs to the fabric store with you use it as a guide to measure how much fabric you need. Most cases you'll come out cheaper making your own. Once you get home just simply cut around your scarf using it as a pattern then hem the fabric all around if you don't have a sewing machine you can do this by hand with needle and thread next iron then your done with the satisfaction of having a one of a kind piece.
*Below there are pics of things I've made with animal prints and I have plans to add more to my closet this fall
*Have fun creating til next time ~Shutoka

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