Monday, August 20, 2012

Where to start?

Happy Monday! Lets talk about where to start. If your thinking about sewing or just beginning to sew the easiest way to start is to use what you already have. You'd be amazed at how simply some of your clothes are put together. Some things especially summer clothes have only 2 to 3 seams tops. Grab that summer dress you love turn it inside out and examine it that is the blueprint of how the manufacturer put it together. When I first started sewing I would be in the stores turning clothes inside out like mmm mmm I can make this lol. As I stated in an earlier post I dont make everything I wear sometimes you find steals or some things I don't wanna tackle like jeans, but it makes sense for me to make some items. A lot of times I can't justify how something is priced in relation to how simply it's made besides that I have a fabric by the yard pricing calculator going in my head at all times I'm a lil weird I know. But seriously who doesnt want to save money and you can come out with something uniquely you in the process. So start off with something simple the blueprints are already hanging in your closet ;)   
* below I've attached an example of reacreating something you like, the dress in the magazine is really expensive but you can make it yourself. My version I love too but comes no where near the price of the designer one. Money in the back  ;) happy sewing friends                        


  1. I'm still waiting on my Chicago Bulls pillow lol...keep up the good work!!

  2. Wow im so excited about your blogging. I havent sewed in years and I want to start again. This give me hope that I can do it.

    1. Awe thanks tina you definately can get back at it and thats a reason I started blogging to possibly get people excited about being creative again thanks for stopping by